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My name is Charlotte and I started baking when I was about three years old under the watchful eye of my Mum, Ann. I started with rock cakes and progressed to the humble, and often under-rated, Victoria Sandwich. Two things I remember from the early baking days:
1) I hated taking cakes out of the oven and always asked my Mum to do it for me
2) Having to let my little brother help and I STILL moan about the times he sabotaged my efforts!

In 2015, I had the harebrained idea, to quit my job and make cakes for a living. To some people, including my Nan, it was a ridiculous notion, “you can’t just quit your job with no back-up plan”. But for me, it made total sense. So, armed with a mixing bowl, my recipes and some self-belief, Wonderberrys was born. I have spent time learning, evolving and perfecting my craft whilst maintaining the values of traditional baking. Each Wonderberrys cake has a distinct, contemporary style but is as unique as the person for whom it has been created.

Ann, the original baking teacher, has now moved from behind the scenes to partner with me at the forefront of the business. I still do all the baking, but with her exceptional organisation and creative skills, she is definitely the backbone of the dream team. Between us, we have a wealth of event management experience for both corporates and individuals and one of the main things that unites us, is our shared determination to deliver unrivalled, excellent customer service.

I wish my Nan was still here, mainly because I miss her terribly, but also so I could tell her that it was worth it and when she asks me “When are you ever going to put that university Degree to use?!” I could say “Now Nan, now”!

Whatever your reason for visiting our website, whether it is because you need a cake made, wish to book one of our afternoon teas or you’re just having a little look around, I can promise you this, we love what we do and we will always put every effort into delivering your expectations… whatever they may be.


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