o, we started with making cakes, we then progressed to planning and coordinating weddings (both of which we still love doing), but now we’ve embarked on our Coffee Shop adventure.

Early in the new year we were given the opportunity to take over The Brickworks cafe and run it as a Wonderberrys Coffee Shop. Whilst there were some restrictions around what we could and couldn’t do, we developed our vision and gave the place a makeover, creating an environment that we thought people would be happy to sit, relax, chat with friends or family and of course, drink coffee and eat cake.

First of all, we did what we love to do…. we shopped! We spent hours online trying to find the best deals and bring together a theme that would be comfortable for our customers and in keeping with the integrity of The Brickworks. Whilst many of the tables and chairs were already there, we opted for our additional furniture to take on an industrial theme of black framework with wooden seats and coffee tables. We then introduced some leather tub chairs to bring casual seating on board and added accessories such as blinds, artificial flowers and cushions. Our most expensive investment is a beautiful rug that sits under the tub chairs at the far end of the room.

One of our more ‘risky’ endeavours was to cover the counter in sticky-backed vinyl. Massive jungle leaves became a major focal point across the whole counter - and we love it! It has really helped to transform the room. Pushing the leaf theme further we hung eucalyptus garlands from the beams and put up 100m of fairy lights.We are loving the look and would like to thank Melissa of Melissa Megan Photography, for taking such great photographs for us!

Anyway, having created a space to come and relax, we then had to consider our menu, actually this was the easy part. We’ve known for a long time what we’d like to offer. So, in between making wedding and celebration cakes, Charlotte is now baking a fantastic range of other cakes for our new customers - actually, they’re not all ‘new’, as we have been surprised at the number of existing customers who keep surprising us with a visit. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us on our Wonderberrys journey and we love it when you stay in touch. It’s great to get to know our brides and grooms when we make their wedding cake, but then to be asked to make a baby shower cake, followed by a smash cake for their one year old is a real privilege. Anyway back to the shop…

As well as the ever popular Salted Caramel Pretzel Shortbread, Gluten Free Brownie and Lemon and Blueberry Bundt (“what’s a bundt?”, I hear you ask - a bundt is the name of a dome-shaped tin with a hole through the middle), Charlotte has made some great additions to what’s on offer. For instance, our Brioche Doughnuts with various yummy fillings such as jam (naturally) and homemade salted caramel ganache or lemon curd. These are truly amazing and if you haven’t tried one, then… I won’t say you haven’t lived, but…! Customers are actually coming in at the beginning of the day on Saturday mornings to ensure they don’t miss out! Then we also have Cake of the Week or COTW as it’s known in the trade! Week one was a white chocolate and raspberry drip cake, week two a lemon meringue sponge, layered with homemade lemon curd and cover in singed meringue - outrageous!! Sold out so quickly, she had to bake more.

Charlotte has been doing an amazing job of daily updates on Instagram, so why not follow us and keep up with the Wonderberrys daily news round. It’s just a bit of light-hearted fun (which I think we all need), it keeps you up-to-date with what’s happening in the World of Wonderberrys and you may even pick up some fantastic cake ideas.

Don’t forget, you can also just pop in to pick up take-away cake (or is it ‘cake-away’). We’re open Wednesday through to Sunday from 9.30am - 4pm. So, the Wonderberrys Coffee Shop is born, we opened our doors on Sunday 1st March and almost three weeks in, we’re still having fun. If you’re passing by, pop in and say “hello” and if you’re not passing, it may just be worth a trip out to sample our cakes, we’d love to see you.